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NCCCO Certification Course



The goal of this course is to assist you with preparation for the National Commission of Certified Crane Operators (NCCCO) written and practical examinations. Certified crane operators are in high demand at this time, as certification is difficult to obtain. This course includes all objectives that are required nationally to prepare you to operate a crane on any job site. Completion of this course will allow existing crane operators and new inexperienced students to improve their expertise and chances of passing the National Commission of Certified Crane Operators examinations.


Course Objectives

1. To educate students on all common core knowledge and the safety of crane operations.

2. To train students on how to inspect cranes.

3. To train students on how to operate a crane.


Course Topics

1. Certification Policies

2. Osha Requirements / Safety

3. Cranes

4. Electricity, and Power Lines

5. Personnel Baskets

6. Rigging Requirements

7. Load Charts (Swing cab/ Fixed cab)

This is a lectured course as well as hands on learning to give each student the information and skills needed to pass the written and practical exams. NCCCO does require each student to pass a written and practical exam.